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Sociometrics offers its expertise to companies based upon the growth stage of a company with reference to CSR in terms of its understanding, existing capacity and capability along with creating CSR strategy.

Baseline study/Need assessments

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are geared to address the real needs of the project communities. Any CSR project should be based on scientific and systematic studies to understand the community needs so that the right needs of the community are addressed. Our Needs Assessments bring out the Socio-economic status of the community in terms of educational attainment of community members, Infrastructure for education, livelihood opportunities, employment status and Income, Community resources. For instance, our Need assessments in the area of health provide insights on health infrastructure, health status of the community, and prominent community health issues.

Likewise need assessments in the education sector, will give insights on the number of Government and Private Schools, the quality of education as perceived by the community, status of infrastructure in the schools, Teacher-Student ratio, enrolment rate, dropout rate etc., Community Needs Assessment is undertaken by employing Quantitative and Qualitative research techniques and our findings are validated by adopting required Triangulations. These Assessments help our client to devise the right policies, projects and programmes and strategies to maximise benefits to the community

Mid Line Assessment / M&E Studies

We support Corporates to undertake Midline Assessments. Midline Assessments help in ascertaining whether the CSR projects are on the right track and to check whether they are geared towards reaching the objectives as envisioned in the planning stage.

These Assessments also help whether the resources are expended in an appropriate manner and guide the clientele in making course correction if needed. We also provide our support to corporates in continuously monitoring the CSR initiatives of their NGO Partners. Our Evaluation studies based on evidence-based practices help Corporates to form the right strategies.

Impact Assessment

According to the ‘CSR Amendment rules 2021 under companies Act 2013, companies have to mandatorily carry out Impact Assessment of their CSR Projects. A company with average INR 10 Cr CSR obligation in preceding three financial years, shall have to get an impact assessment of each of the projects of INR 1cr or above done by an independent agency and it needs to be completed with in the completion of one year of the end of the project.

Companies can budget maximum 5% of the CSR spent (actual spent) or INR 50 Lakh for the CSR impact assessment, whichever is lesser and the CSR impact assessment report will be annexed to the annual report on CSR. We undertake CSR Impact Assessment Studies which provide insights on the changes effected in the lives of the beneficiaries and relevant stakeholder groups and developments in community resulting out of CSR projects.

Social return on Investment

Social return of Investment helps in measuring values not traditionally accounted for in financial statements, like that of social, economic and environmental factors.

This method aids companies to understand the total value created by their capital in the community and helps in assessment of the general progress of certain developments showing both financial and social impact of the corporation.

NGO Due Diligence

We aid corporates to take informed decisions on whether to partner or not with an NGO for a specific CSR Project by undertaking a systematic and unbiased investigation on various parameters as required by the clientele organisation.

We carry out unbiased and objective investigation with the aim of providing information which will aid decision makers in taking the right decision.


With our wide experience of research in the development sector, we aid corporates in designing appropriate strategies and Interventions which can yield maximum benefits to the project communities.

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